About Us

Saenkham Rice: Homage to the Earth and Heaven

Overlooking Saenkham Terrace is a vast rice-field that yields tons of golden grains each year. This gift of the earth, besides supporting the Saenkham household, is the source of inspiration and community services. The entire revenue from charity sale of the yield goes to supporting hospitals and school dormitories, especially in remote mountainous areas. Our planting day begins on Mother's Day, August 12th, the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, and the auspicious day for our harvest is on Father's Day, December 5th, the birthday of King Bhumibol, Rama IX.

On October 13th, 2016, our beloved and revered King departed the Earth, ascending Heaven, while the Saenkham field was changing colour from green to gold, awaiting the harvest on Father’s Day. Sadly our father is no more here with us.

The King, the farmers, the rice, the soil, the rivers and the rain are synonyms. We Thais have never lived, nor survived, without any of these for the past seventy years. With our patriarch gone, we can only look up from the earth, wishing we could reconnect with our Father, sending him the message, telling him that the gift he had granted us has now turned to gold, ready for him to behold from above.

The Woven Art that reconnects the Earth and Heaven

By the loving hands of the inspired weaver-artist Kachama, the Saenkham rice grains and stalks were carefully arranged and woven into big hanging art-pieces. Four of the hangings displayed in the main dining hall have the Thai "number nine" 9 in the centre; each with different designs. The figure 9 has become a symbol of love and gratitude for King Bhumibol. Each grain has its own story to tell; each stalk and each natural fiber is endowed with the gifts of the Earth. As the figure 9 points towards Heaven, each hanging carries a personal message to our beloved Father.

Hanging 1 : The musical instruments dear to King Bhumibol who was a great musician and composer.

Hanging 2 :The White Elephant kneeling down, raising its trunk in a gesture of respect.

Hanging 3 : The old traditional figure NINE, the symbol of King Rama IX, our beloved Father. Since his passing, this figure has become a symbol of gratitude.

Hanging 4 : The four kinds of Lotus, symbolizing the four kinds of people. His Majesty has set the examples for us. Following his footstep, we hope to become the lotus that blooms in the sun.